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Everything You Never Wanted To Know [entries|friends|calendar]
So tell me, how can I ruin your day?

Flames of Eternal Damnation
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Choose wisely [05 Jun 2011|08:55pm]
Round 1Collapse )

Round 2Collapse )

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Hopping on the bandwagon [18 Jul 2010|03:41pm]
You are Reserved, Solitary, and Unsettled.Collapse )

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A new home. [16 Jun 2010|10:13pm]
It's an odd feeling seeing your house completely empty as the last of your belongings are cleared out. Completely different from the excited anticipation from seeing your new house for the first time, also empty. Life has seemingly come full circle. The passage of time is only revealed in little dents and scrapes among the walls, irreparable marks that tell the story of events that transpired within.

I stood in the exact same spot 9 years ago, surveying the exact same sight. With a brand new house in a state clear across the country from the only home I had ever known, I had bright hopes of life, love, and happiness to come. Things don't always turn out the way you want them to.

And so as I walked out of my house for what may well be the final time tonight, I thought about everything I am leaving behind. These walls have seen me through both times of joy and sadness. The tumultuous journey of high school. The resting place of my childhood pet. The first spark of independence as I moved out for college.

This place was my home. And in my heart, it always will be.
Aeternum vale.

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Vancouver 2010 [28 Feb 2010|10:50pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Every time the Olympics come around, I get all patriotic and obsessed for 2 weeks. Following the games becomes my life. And every time, right after the closing ceremonies, I feel all empty and depressed. I know this because I made a very similar Olympic Depression post right after the Beijing summer olympics.

I'm especially sad this year since Apolo Ohno is probably retiring after this. Being a Seattlite, I've been fangirling this guy since Salt Lake 2002. Yes, I am still bitter about his DQ in the 500m over that Canadian guy falling.

Opening ceremony left me longing for the genius that was Beijing. Although the 3D whales were pretty cool. Closing ceremonies were ridiculous. The Giant Inflatable Beavers and Moose were ok, but Avril Lavigne and Simple Plan? Did we just time travel backwards a decade?

Other highlights include Evan Lysacek winning over butthurt Plushenko, Joannie Rochette's touching story, and the general public's discovery of JR Celski.

Lowlights include the men's USA hockey team losing the gold to Canada (although it was a great game) and NBC horrible coverage/constant fapping over Lindsey Vonn. They seriously cut to her during the closing ceremonies about 5 times, and no Apolo or JR.

I only live about 3 hours away from Vancouver, so it would have been really cool witness it in person, but my parents didn't want to and I was way too busy with schoolwork. I'll probably end up regretting that.

That being said, I'm totally excited for Sochi 2014 and the rise of Mirai and JR Celski, ok.

I guess this means I have to go back to real life now. Thank you for your time.

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WINCHESTER. [29 Dec 2009|01:31am]
So I bought this jacket from Macy's today. And I just found out it's called WINCHESTER. Omg fate. I totally love it because it reminds me of Captain Jack Harkness's trenchcoat from Torchwood. :D

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Merry Newtonmas [22 Dec 2009|05:49pm]
Dear future self,

When you own your own home, put up Christmas lights and get a tree every year. Don't ever forget the feeling the holidays bring.


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Christmas is so close. I can taste it. [15 Dec 2009|01:29pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

2 finals down, 2 to go.

This past month has been... Exhausting. I did three days in a row where I was in the BioE building until 2:30AM for the first two and midnight the last working on PID and Enzyme Kinetics labs. And my lab scores are still way below average. I feel like I'm not learning how to write better reports. I'm just consistently failing, and that's so frustrating because lab scores are a huge part of our course grades.

As far as I know, the workload is going to be even worse next quarter.

And as for the cell phone shenanigans, I ended up going with AT&T and the Samsung Impression. Coverage is supposed to be really good at UW, but I might not get reception at all at home. I placed the order last night so I can get it when I go home on FRIDAY as a you-survived-autumn-quarter-of-junior-year-BioE-core present.

I have an 8:30 final tomorrow in BioEn 304 - Physiology. At this point, I'm listening to Christmas music and going over my notes. This time of the year still evokes warm fuzzy feelings even though my family hasn't celebrated in a good 10-12 years. Time to go study more about the eye, digestion, biochemistry, and enzyme kinetics.

See you on the other side. Maybe.


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Bioenginering now owns my soul. [27 Nov 2009|01:34pm]
Man, I haven't updated since school started. I've been so busy. I have an essay due in 10 hours, which is why I'm actually writing this entry now.

I have two BioE classes this quarter, and I've been in the BioE building until midnight working on labs. This is madness.

Spent all Thanksgiving working on my essay about artificial retinas and researching Verizon cell phones. I don't actually get reception in the basement of the BioE building, and I spend a lot of time there. Pretty much deciding between the LG EnV3 and the Samsung Rogue. SUGGESTIONS?

And I had these cute tiny glass animal figurines from like 10 years ago sitting in an (extremely) dusty box on my bookshelf, and in my desperation to do anything except write my essay, I rediscovered them and fell in love with them all over again. I know have a glass cat and teddy bear sitting on my desk. They are so cute. I want more. :(

Supernatural's Hellatus is killing me. No new episodes until January 21.

Gotta go harvest some Sunflowers on Farmville now. lal.

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Dear Diary by Max Pappas [20 Sep 2009|01:08pm]
Max says:
i veil my depressing thoughts
locked up in my sullen head
only you, my diary, have the key .
never will i share these words with the world

chapter 2 - my mom reads my diaryCollapse )

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Cross some things off the checklist. [13 Sep 2009|07:45pm]
Yesterday, I finally got a new laptop! I'm no longer stuck on my tiny netbook whose screen height was 600 pixels. I also got a small TV thing for my dorm room!

And I got a haircut. I went in just wanting the same style but shorter, but the lady was all. You want bangs!??! You should try!!!! :D So I was like. Ok...... So now I have bangs. idk how I feel about them yet.

I think I might go and get a contact prescription sometime this week. I'm still not sure about it because I can never get them out. :(

Finished season 2 of Supernatural today. LOVE THIS SHOW.

The real reason I made this entry is so I can procrastinate on my CSE personal statement that's due tomorrow.

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Yearly shopping trip. [07 Sep 2009|05:17pm]
Omg I totally spent like $500 on clothes yesterday. I got like 9 tops (shirts, cardigans) and some really cute underthings. Pictures coming maybe idk. I'm sad because I didn't find anything plaid I really loved, and I want more plaid things.

But I'm so not allowed to go shopping for the rest of the year. Maybe pictures later? idk.

I started watching Supernatural and the brothers are so cute, but the show is scary sometimes. :(

I also got the CSE accelerated admissions offer. I don't know what to write for the personal statement. :(

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Mortal Instruments Trilogy. [31 Aug 2009|11:23pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I finished the last of the Mortal Instruments books today. Amazing literature, I know. I liked the author's HP fanfic offering, the Draco Trilogy, so I decided to give it a try. I started the series earlier, during summer quarter, and finished a book and a half, but got too busy to read because of class. Then I finished up the rest of them this past week due to an excess of free time. I liked it.

I hate that feeling you get when you finish a series. The sense of sadness and longing when you realize that there's nothing more you can read about these characters that you've come to know and love (or hate). You can't get lost in their world anymore. It's happened to me before, with Harry Potter especially.

It's over.



Time to find something new.

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Summer 2009 [25 Aug 2009|04:20pm]


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Yeah, you rub that laptop on your face. [19 Aug 2009|08:58pm]
Vicki says:
i want to pet dis bunny

Max says:
What has been read cannot be unread. Do you dare?Collapse )

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Yahooooooooooooooo [13 Aug 2009|10:16pm]
"Today, I figured out that if you click on the exclamation point after "Yahoo!" on the homepage, it sings "Yahoooooooooo". This is the most exciting thing that's happened to me all week. Everytime somebody walks by, I now click on it. MLIA."

My life is now complete.

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Reasons to not ride the bus: #642 [03 Aug 2009|05:36pm]
[ mood | hysterical ]

So I had just gotten on the bus this morning and taken a seat in the fourth row when I noticed there was a spider web thread hanging on the seat in front of me. No biggie, I thought. Someone sits down next to me. Again, no big deal. I turned to look out the window, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw this HUGE ASS SPIDER* climbing on the side of my headrest. I froze and stared as it crawled around to the back side of my seat and out of sight.


I didn't want to tell the guy next to me to move so I just spent like 25 minutes leaning forward and nervously looking behind me at the headrest, not knowing if I was going to feel better if I did or did not see the spider.

And then I had a CSE midterm that I already know I made at least 3 mistakes on.

Today sucked.

*Hyperbole disclaimer: spider was probably only a little bigger than a quarter, counting the span of the legs and all.

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Bad global warming! Bad! [29 Jul 2009|02:21pm]
[ mood | hot ]


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Half-Blood Prince [26 Jul 2009|12:04pm]
[ mood | content ]

^Just putting this here for posterity and the like. I hear this guy actually has a degree in Neuroscience.

I thought Half-Blood Prince was pretty good for a Harry Potter movie. It's probably my favorite. I absolutely loved Lavender and Luna (epic lion hat). And Draco, whom I've always loved, finally got screen time. :D Love potioned Ron was pretty much perfect. Rupert is awesome. Also, creepy kid!Tom Riddle is creepy.

Taking classes this summer. Life is pretty boring. Wrote this entry to avoid doing my CSE homework. Gonna go play more games now to continue the avoidance. lal.

EDIT: Just finished my CSE assignment. Have I mentioned how awesome it feels when your program actually works?

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Cherry blossoms. [13 Apr 2009|10:41pm]
I didn't take this picture. Apparently Pierce did.For one or two glorious weeks, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom on the quad. Last year, I was not able to appreciate them fully because I didn't have any classes in that area during spring quarter.

But now that I live in north campus, I pass by there every day. Sometimes I even go out of my way to walk through the quad to get to class because I love it so much.

Playful rays of warm sunshine peek through the blossoms and tickle your skin. When there's a breeze, you get showered in an endless waterfall of tiny pink petals.

It's like a god damn anime or something.

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0th Law of Blogging [01 Apr 2009|04:53pm]
[ mood | COLD AND WET ]

Ok, real fast update, y'all!

1) I've been using y'all lately.

2) I made a Tumblr where I (hopefully) will post interesting quotes, chat logs, pictures, videos, etc that I don't want to post here in my journal. Anyone else have one?

3) I did REALLY REALLY HORRENDOUSLY RIDICULOUSLY BADLY in Physics last quarter. I wish they would post the exam key so I can figure out why I got such a low score on the MC.

4) Slumdog Millionaire is so good. I love Dev.

5) How come I often have dreams where I am in some sort of huge mansion, and I'm running away from people that are chasing me. And I always can't run fast enough or the doors are too small to close so they find me.

6) Snowed again today. Ugh.

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